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About US

TAKUMI NO WAZA began as a service provider for overseas sales of Japanese products through e-commerce sites. With a wide range of expertise in the area of e-commerce, TAKUMI NO WAZA continues to facilitate the growth of sales in Japan by providing the world with access to excellent products.
The online market provides many sales opportunities regardless of the size of the business. TAKUMI NO WAZA saw the potential in online sales early on, and was one of the first to truly engage in this unchartered territory. We continue to support and build the e-commerce channels of manufacturers around the world. Our specialized knowledge in e-commerce and online promotion is indispensable for manufacturers of any scale.
To become the market leader with reputable global brands (Products and Services) furnished to our current and perspective customers by adhering to our commitments and living up to the expectations of partners and customers.
To become one of the most reliable distributors in Japan market where our clients can completely rely on us on in all aspects of business needs; thus offering the peace of mind by providing a broad range of business services through a network of professional experts.


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Company Profile

Address 3F Shiodome Building, 1-2-20 Kaigan, Minaro-ku, Tokyo
105-0022 Japan
TEL +81-3-6721-8024
Founded May 2014
Established April 2000
• Born in 1976 in Gifu.
• Graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Economics at Shinshu University.
• President and Director of an American corporation that sells Japanese products all over the world. Started selling Japanese products in the United States in June 2011 through Amazon, and in 2014 through eBay. Currently selling Japanese products in 178 countries through eBay and Amazon.
• Supports the reclamation of the overseas market of Japanese products through consultation with domestic corporations.
• Has posted more than 2,000 blog articles, mainly on the overseas sale of Japanese products.
• Supports the members and lecturers for organization of sales in foreign countries, executive clubs, and individual overseas sale.
• Supervised the systematic teaching of materials “Amazon海外販売戦略大全集” for overseas sale in 2012.
• Worked as a foreign consultant in financial institutions before focusing on sales overseas.
• Engaged in investment education for the marketing strategy of funds in financial institutions.
• In charge of the launching and marketing of new businesses aiming to spread financial education at Japanese financial academies.
• Has thirteen years of experience in taking advantage of marketing to independently focus on overseas sales. Combined the force of clients’ companies and overseas partners to sell Japanese products around the world. Recent book “確実に稼げるAmazon輸出副業入門” (published by Sotec).
Capital 5,000,000 yen
Member Inagi Chamber of Commerce
Reference Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Hamamatsu
Main Business • Business summary trade and import/export agency business and their broker and consultant
• Business consultant for foreign companies
• Finance and real estate, IT, software, finance, financial, political, legal, social, industrial, business, market, research on trade, etc., research and provide information, consultant and contract
• Planning of various information systems, development, sales, and maintenance
• Website planning and creation of electronic content, editing, production and sales
• Consultant for promotion using media such as TV, magazines, radio, and newspapers
Group Company U.S. Corporation
– Trade and industry consulting intended for foreign companies.


Ken Muto is the CEO and founder of TAKUMI NO WAZA. Ken saw an opportunity for the overseas sale of Japanese products in 1994 and founded a trading company in the United States in 2012. In May 2014, he established the corporation TAKUMI NO WAZA which sells foreign products in Japan. Ken’s passion to send superior products of the world to consumers everywhere is greatly enforced by both companies.

As for the circulation of the e-commerce market with outlets such as eBay and Amazon, growth is greatly anticipated in the future. In the e-commerce market, it is necessary to regularly catch up on new information and services every day to utilize the intense amount of changes. Ken has more than ten years of experience in e-commerce sales and is also an author who gives lectures on cross-border trade.

Before Ken established his trading company, he obtained a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Shinshu in Japan. He is experienced in launching the development of financial products through foreign investment banks and also through a financial system consulting firm in the United States. Ken founded a trading company in order to apply his over thirteen years of marketing experience. He is focused on sales and strengthening the cooperation of the e-commerce market in order to deliver attractive products to consumers around the world. Ken spends his free time with family and friends and enjoys traveling the world searching for new, great products.

President and CEO
Ken Muto


3F Shiodome Building,
1-2-20 Kaigan, Minaro-ku, Tokyo
105-0022 Japan
TEL: +81-3-6721-8024







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